“It has helped me grow as a professional. I feel that I am a better teacher now. I am more attentive to my students’ needs, I am more reflective and more knowledgeable about my planning and approach to instruction and assessment.”

“I realized that the most meaningful teaching I was doing in my AP classes was discussion-based: one-on-one writing conferences with my students in which I was able to differentiate specifically based on their individual needs, and seminar discussions in which they were able to connect their learning in the course with their own interests and backgrounds.”

“I modified the curriculum I was using with my honors students to better meet the needs of the non-proficient kids, their interest levels increased and, therefore, so did their achievement. The experience just reinforced the concept that students, regardless of their circumstances and current levels of academic achievement, need to be held to high standards and need to be given voice and choice in the classroom.”